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About Us

The Simrell Collection

Hello, my name is Austyn Simrell. I am the founder, creator, and voice of The Simrell Collection. I am happy to finally introduce my handcrafted, custom designed luxury pens. The development of these luxury pens started over 3 years ago. Since then, I have worked hard towards developing the finest handcrafted wooden and acrylic pens available. I wanted to create a pen that is unique and stands out, while keeping a dying trade alive. Almost everything in the luxury pen market nowadays is mass produced by machines overseas, using cheap plastics. There isn’t a story behind them.

The Simrell Collection offers the highest end acrylic and some of the most valuable and exotic woods in the world. They are paired with high end metals, such as gold, platinum and even black titanium. Each pen is handcrafted in-house by me, here locally in Toledo, Ohio. Our high end acrylic and exotic wood selection gives the client the customizable ability to theme a pen around any category that they are passionate about. Whether it be cars, sports teams, watches or even around your business, the options are endless. We are the first manufacturer to offer hand crafted luxury promotional pens, themed around your business and also have the capabilities to engrave your logo. Using an old technique called gilding, we fill the engraving with either 24k gold leaf or sterling silver leaf. I personally guarantee any of my products will surpass your expectations. Truly the best of the best. All of my hand crafted pens have a story. These luxury writing instruments are truly a piece of functional art.

Pen Production

Taking a raw block of exotic wood or high end acrylic, using methods of cutting, drilling and gluing, I prepare if for the lathe. I then shape the blank using a roughing gouge. After reaching the desired shape, I start sanding the material with 120 grit sandpaper and go all the way up to 12,000 grit micro mesh. I then buff the pen using a special compound revealing a flawless finish. Finally, I pair each pen with the desired hardware (gold, platinum or black titanium) and assemble the pen using a press. Each pen takes anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the material used. I am very detail oriented and hold my product up to the highest standards possible. The pen will not be completed until it is perfect and flawless.

“A pen is a tool that instantaneously manifests whatever is on your mind.”