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Master Adapter

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The Silicone Master Adapter can solve just about any glass fit problem, and seems custom-made for the Simrell Vortex.

A must for your Vortex
Using your Vortex with a piece of glass can scuff the finish of your stem. The Master Adapter’s flexible silicone creates a perfect seal with any water pipe or bubbler, without damaging the surface of your precious Simrell Vortex in the process.

Mates nearly any vape to glass
The Master Adapter is the solution to all of your other water-pipe needs, as well. Fit just about any vape to your glass piece with its flexible, layered design.

Two Piece Flexibility
The adapter separates into two pieces. The bigger piece has inner slots for specific vapes like the Solo 2, and fits any 10/14/18mm female or male glass joint. The smaller piece has an inner taper for smaller tips, like your Vortex, and fits any 10/12/14mm female joint.

1 review for Master Adapter

  1. Sam the Carrot Dabber

    This thing is so handy. I have yet to find applications where this adapter hasn’t helped in some way. My favorite method currently is to use the adapter to attach my Vortex to my DTv4 atomizer.

    It can get slippery though with enough oil built up, just remember to clean lightly with iso every few weeks.

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