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The Planet of the Vapes (POTV) ONE is a pocketable vapor powerhouse you can take anywhere. Sized for any hand and armed with a 30-second heat up time, the ONE will impress with dense, tasty clouds without a torch. It’s feature-loaded, and ready to go, with:


  • Full digital temperature control
  • Four minute session length (including warmup time)
  • Vibration feedback
  • Hybrid heating system
  • Titanium bowl
  • Original mouthpiece
  • Accessory Attachment (for glass accessories)
  • Concentrate pad

The Vortex changes the game!

Our POTV ONE comes with straight and curved glass stems, with options for water pipes and bubblers, but it really shines when paired with the Simrell Vortex. Whether it’s the Original or Short Vortex, the offset airport and intercooler soften and cool the vapor, for that velvety, fluffy feel. The Vortex doesn’t just make the vapor better, it’s also more durable than the glass stems. Now you can throw your ONE into any pocket or bag carefree, having swapped out the glass for our gorgeous titanium. But, don’t forget the adapter!

The Adapter pairs the Vortex

The POTV ONE’s Accessory Attachment accepts stems a little thicker than the Simrell Vortex, so we made a titanium adapter that perfectly mates the two. Replace the tip of your Vortex with this adapter, slide it into the Accessory Attachment, and you’re good to go. The adapter is also wide enough to serve as a Vortex stand when you pull it out of your ONE.

Build your own kit

It doesn’t matter what you already have, we’re here to help you build the perfect kit for you. Assemble any combination of the POTV ONE, Vortex adapter, your choice of Simrell Vortex stems, and Dynavap tips and caps. With the ONE and the Simrell Vortex, you’re ready for just about any vapor situation.

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Titanium Adapter

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