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Snakewood/Gaboon Ebony


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It is particularly clear how Snakewood got its name. The slightly reddish brown, even-grained wood is naturally decorated with irregular splotches that bear a more than passing resemblance to the skin of a snake. This visual association may also make the black Gaboon Ebony cap stand out in a more imposing fashion. The gold accessories are subdued against that backdrop, making the metal seem like a natural, even taken-for-granted element of your professional aesthetic.

Apart from simply looking colorful and distinctive, our Snakewood pen may hold particular appeal for the sort of leader or dealmaker who is fond of reinforcing an image of strength and security.


  • Premium Case
  • Blue/Black Ink Refills
  • FREE Engraving

*Each icon is meticulously engraved and hand gilded with silver or gold leaf

Each Pen is made to order and may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.


We are committed to maintaining quality in our products at every step of the way, from sourcing the raw materials to finishing the material once it has been worked into its final design. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase, but please note that the item you receive may differ slightly from the samples on our website. Every piece of wood/resin has its own unique grain/pattern and so every item we ship is distinct from others in the same line.