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Vault Odorless Case w/ Lighter Storage


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Not your average stash

The Vault from the Simrell Collection is the most complete Dynavap travel stash available. It not only has compartments for your Vortex stem and herbs, and a stir tool, but also houses a dual-torch Vertigo lighter! 

Full function

The Simrell Collection Vault does everything you’re used to with a stash and more. Big enough for a Dynavap XL, the Vault takes advantage of its size to include storage space that magnetically secures a zippo-style torch lighter. Its aircraft grade aluminum base with magnetic stand provides a sturdy home to cool your stem. The lid for the herb and spring-loaded vape compartments is sealed with o-rings that keep odors in, and water out. 

A thoughtful lighter

The Vault comes with a lighter that matches the Simrell style. The familiar, Zippo-shaped Vertigo lighter sports a matching black shell and flip-top lid with that satisfying ‘click’. The dual-torch flame combines power with precision, for that perfect hit. Easily adjust the flame size with your finger, using the lever underneath the shell.

Dripping in style

The Vault shines with delicate touches of pure craftsmanship, typical of the Simrell Collection. It sits comfortably in any hand with its soft, rounded edges and smooth finish. The weight has been perfectly calculated, so you know it’s there without weighing down your pocket. Like a fine work of art, the Vault’s design touches will pull you in, revealing subtle effects over time.

** Vertigo dual flame lighter is included


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