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Standard Vortex & Intercooler ( XL )

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Upgrade your Dynavap

Improve your Dynavap with cooler vapor, better airflow, and the kind of class that can only be found with the Simrell Vortex. Dynavap vaporizers have taken the market by storm with their minimalist design that fits in any pocket, and is instantly ready to vape. With a little practice, this flame powered vape delivers tasty, powerful vapor from small amounts. Shaped like a cigarette, it makes for an easy transition from smoking to vaporizing. The Dynavap lives by simplicity and elegance, ditching the batteries for any other heat source. The Vortex Stem builds on that, adding a touch of class with a luxurious, top-shelf feel and improved performance.

Simply sophisticated


The Vortex Stem is built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the smoker in mind, its torpedo, pen-shaped body mimics the look and feel of a well-rolled joint. The tapered shape mates with any 10mm connection, so you can drop it in your favorite glass pipe. The distinctive Simrell logo is artistically offset from the airport. When you look at the logo head on, you can see straight through the airport, into the unobstructed airpath that creates the vortex. 

Offset airport changes the game

With the original Dynavap, air enters through the airport and randomly disperses around the insulation tube before reaching the heating chamber. With the Vortex Stem, however, air spirals around the tube, creating a vortex that literally pulls the vapor out of your herbs, for denser, thicker hits. The airport’s teardrop shape and tapered edge let you fine tune the air flow like never before.

Coolest Dyna-vapor around

The Vortex Stem’s durable, medical grade titanium intercooler produces some of the coolest, smoothest vapor you can get from a Dynavap, with even more air flow. Its spiral shape lengthens the vapor path, and creates more surface area to cool the vapor before reaching your lips. As an added bonus, the Vortex Stem can be used with any vaporizer you it attach to. Pull off the Dynavap tip, grab an adapter, and use your imagination!


One piece, easy to clean design

Cleaning the Vortex Stem couldn’t be easier, due to its unibody design without o-rings. Remove the intercooler from the stem, and soak both parts in some rubbing alcohol (we recommend using isopropyl alcohol, with an alcohol content of 91% or higher, to protect the anodizing). Rinse, dry, assemble, and vape!


Add just the tip and cap


The Simrell Vortex includes the unibody and intercooler, and works with any Dynavap tip and cap (not included). To complete the kit, you will need a Dynavap tip and a Dynavap cap, or use your existing ones. To upgrade your current Dynavap, simply swap your current body, condenser tube and o-rings for the Simrell Vortex. Assembly is a snap with the Simrell unibody design.


** All Vortex Stems come stock with the Titanium Intercooler and will ship in a complimentary storage tube



Additional information

Stainless Steel Cap


Titanium Tip


26 reviews for Standard Vortex & Intercooler ( XL )

  1. F. Forest (verified owner)

    At first glance it looks like a standard stem you can pick up anywhere, but you would be completely misled. The Vortex does not function like anything I have ever purchase before. Alone the vortex cooling is very very comfortable, but with introduction of the intercooler brings the Vortex into overdrive.

  2. Derek

    Got the Vortex a few months back now and I absolutely love it. Its completely replaced any of my other vapcaps. Its my go to every day! Thanks for such an amazing product!

  3. Kevin (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding!! Besides how beautiful this thing is the vortex/intercooler technology is amazing. Completely reduces the harshness that sometimes I find with the dynavap. A little pricey but it’s well worth it if you enjoy the dynavap!

  4. Chris

    Simply beautiful. My vortex arrived prompt and ready for use. I love the teardrop airport that allows for easy variation in airflow feathering. The vortex intercooler does an excellent job of mixing and cooling the vapor. I also found the open draw to be a little tighter than the standard Dynavap, which I really enjoy. The body feels solid in my hands, like a sturdy handmade pen. Overall it’s one of the best Dynavap accessories I’ve had the pleasure of adding to my collection.

  5. Thomas Groover (verified owner)

    I own a Dynavap Omni XL in titanium, but decided to try the Vortex on somewhat of an impulse buy. The difference is noticeable, and I feel like I have better control over the air flow, which isn’t very restricted even with the carb completely closed. Also, the simple all-in-one design has a nice aesthetic in addition to the improved functionality compared to the omni.

    To me, this was well worth the cost, considering that the Dynavap was already my favorite vaporizer and this just makes the vapor even more succulent and fluffy. I would honestly recommend the Vortex to anyone seeking the most satisfying vaping experience.

    Getting “no regerts” etched on my vortex.

  6. Carl

    I reached out to Austyn on instagram about getting a coloured vortex. Austyn showed me a few examples and I settled on a green anodized Vortex with brand new tip and cap. It’s now my daily driver. It goes where I go. If your thinking about it, just get one. Austyn does incredible work and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a true upgrade to the experience and I can’t recommend it enough.

    Go buy one and be happy!!

  7. K. Dani (verified owner)

    I got myself a VapCap M 2019 last year in the summer and was absolutely amazed by the Dynavap experience. I later found out about the Vortex from a friend who was raving about how much better it is than the M. I decided to pick up the Vortex during a flash sale to see what the hype was about.

    I got it anodized in galactic and to start this off, it looks absolutely stunning. Now the true surprise was when I vaped my first bowl through the Vortex. It felt like I didn’t really get a big hit, until I exhaled out a massive cloud. The Vortex and Intercooler do an amazing job at cooling down the vapor, to the point where it feels like it’s being ran through water. Putting the Vortex through a water piece though is even smoother, and it’s insane the size of the hits I can take. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a Vortex, it changes the Dynavap experience entirely.

  8. T. Martinez

    This thing is awesome and does everything it’s supposed to do. Air is considerably cooler allowing for bigger pulls and more efficiency. Cleaning is a breeze with no O-Rings or condenser pieces. The finish and quality on the pieces is incredibly detailed. The vortex is awesome and feels like the last dynavap piece I’ll buy.

  9. Jonathan (verified owner)

    If Only there were an option for more stars… The vortex has changed my experience with flower and concentrates forever, at the point I own plenty of vapes and this is STILL #1. Flavor, vapor, efficiency… if any of these are important to you; do yourself a favor and have the Vortex in your life.. All hail the Vortex !

  10. Micah hagan

    I love my vortex. It looks great, (timeless and classy), it feels great in the hand, (weight, balance and finish.) and it functions beautifully.
    Simple, solid and elegant. The vortex is a joy to use.

  11. Vaughn

    I saw the dynavap and purchased it. I love it but I have a sensitive throat so I used a water piece. The problem is I couldn’t be out and about and pull out my dynavap and a water pipe. I saw reviews of stems I could use but nothing to really to cool the vape. I purchased a Vortex and that’s all she wrote. This Vortex cools the vape great for me. I also purchased a shortie with the vortex and just ordered one for my Potv1. This accessory is a must for your Dynavap, Potv1, and for any other one he makes. I will be purchasing more! Thank you sir!

  12. Edward splifforhands

    By far the best dyna stem I’ve ever used, the intercooler is a decent way of cooling the vapour and being removable you can clean it with ease. I’ve mostly using mine on a bong with the master adapter and damn it packs a punch, simrell as a whole creates the nicest custom pieces I’ve seen

  13. Kal

    This was my second vap. First came the 2019 M followed quickly by this vortex. Everything about this stem is better including look, feel, vapour smoothness and ease of cleaning as you do not have to deal with rubber rings. For those on the fence make this your first Dynastem or your last, you won’t be disappointed.

  14. Leah (verified owner)

    The Vortex is absolutely amazing. Cools the vapor allowing for huge flavorful clouds. The amount of vapor it produces surprises me every single time. A true masterpiece!

  15. David A Dalton

    Austyn deservs major kudos for breathing life into this amazing product. He took an amazing approach and improved of the performance potential of the of the DynaVap tip (another genius produt) and just killed it with the aesthetic mastery of his Vortex stems!

    I own two Vortex sems, the custom 420 Edition you can see on his IG page and a custom Amboyna Burl stem that are simply amazing. These are absolute beasts! With or without a water rig, you will immediately see and see the difference. Functional works of art.

    Don’t just take my word for it as every reviewer that has compared this to any, i mean any other stem made for the DynaVap has been duly impressed. Best after market product made for the DynaVap period!

    Finally, for some, this will be a substantial investment but in truth,,,not so much. This vortex is all but indestructable and will last a lifetime. And besides, it’s just soo cool!

  16. Pranav

    The Vortex is a must have addition to every Dynavap collection! Expert craftsmanship and great custom designs, big smiles!

  17. Sandie Wozencroft (verified owner)

    Quite simply the best vape I’ve ever owned, beautiful design, awesome functionality, just absolutely outstanding, take your dynavap experience to the next level

  18. Patrick Magro

    I switched to vaping because I have COPD. Love the dynavap for this reason but low and behold the Simrell Collection introduced the Vortex! Wow! Game changer! The vape is so smooth and cool it doesn’t make me cough! Love it! Then on top of that it’s the easiest to clean! Thanks Austyn for a truly great product!

  19. MTB123 (verified owner)

    I received the Vortex last week. It has been used every day since. I own the 2018 “M” and the Vortex is on another level. The sleek design is a delight to use. It feels good in the hand and the perfect length for me. The teardrop carb is my favorite part. It really allows the user to control the airflow and cater the hit to the their liking. I have used it through water and it is phenomenal. The device is hands down my favorite vape as of this review and I have many different vapes. The cost paid for itself after its first use. If you are on the fence, get it. It is truly a game-changer.

  20. Mark

    I really enjoy my Vortex, great build quality and it feels awesome in the hand. I tend to use it with a stainless steel tip and an induction heater as I find I get the best flavour this way. The Vortex is a big part of my Dynavap collection right along side the Omni XL.

  21. Sam the Carrot Dabber

    My partner is a vocalist and I have been trying to get her to switch to vaping for years. After trying a few different vapes, I had almost given up on convincing her to switch. Nothing was delivering needed performance, let alone in a simple, convenient, portable, and durable way. Just this past year, I heard about Dynavap. Reviews talked about how helpful Dynavap is for quitting combusting, but I was so wary that nothing but the best was going to get my partner to switch that I spent considerable time researching the various options Dynavap has to offer. I watched so many videos and read so many reviews, and kept arriving at the same recommendation: the Vortex.

    According to many, such as Sneaky Pete and Troy at 420Vapezone, the Vortex is a fantastic option for people trying to quit combustion and move to vaping fulltime. Having used it daily for over a month, I completely agree. Its smooth, open airflow is unrestricted, resembling the feel of hitting a well-rolled joint. The titanium is light, sleek, and very comfortable between the lips. As long as you watch Austyn’s tips on heating, the hits from this thing are hard and always satisfying. The Dynavap system is such a powerful engine, and the Vortex takes its performance to another level.

    Lastly, the durability of this thing is impressive. Of course, any Dynavap can claim almost unbeatable durability, but the Vortex being all one piece integrated together feels almost unbreakable. I definitely plan on passing down my Vortex and hope it will one day become an heirloom. That is how special this product is. I bought one for my partner for her birthday and she immediately stopped combusting and hasn’t since. If you are looking for the same thing, this is the first place to look.

  22. The Happy Hempster FL

    Simply amazing!
    Why buy anything else?

  23. Beyond Smoke

    This is the one and only upgrade to your Dynavap that you’ll ever need. This thing pulls the smoothest hits i think i have ever gotten from a dynavap with the sleek intercooler design. I got one of the wooden ones and it also fits the One by POTV and several others with the Master Adapter. 10/10 would recommend.

  24. Dedwerkz Tepeyollotl (verified owner)

    Simple, understated and refined are synonymous with the Simrell Collection. The Vortex lives up to this and then some. It is simply the best stem for the best vaporization platform available today. The Vortex enhances extraction by cooling your vapor and thus makes your herb usage more efficient. It is simple but so well-executed it always passes the reach test! Once you use it, its power is undeniable. It is expensive, it is a luxury but it is well worth the entry fee. If you can afford one, you should buy one. It is just that simple.

  25. Hank.Scorpio710

    Been using Dynavaps for 2 years and I’ve been through my share of stems; this is the best. My tongue is quite sensitive to heat from any stem I use so I always have to use a water pipe. Not the case with my Vortex – the vapour is waaaaay cooler and the draw resistance is just right. I’m not sure what kind of sorcery Austin has applied here but this is a game changer. I’d advise watching the 420Vapezone review if you’re in two minds about buying one as Troy nails the experience.

  26. Brittin R

    Simrell Vortex has changed my life!

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